A lot of people asked about the way I color Insane Forest.  It isn’t really anything special, but I’ll share the process with you.

I do the pencils and inks by hand and then scan them into the computer at 600 DPI.  From there I bring the artwork into Photoshop so I can add the color.  People think the strip is colored using real watercolor (which is the effect I’m going for), but in reality I actually use the Watercolor Wash Brush, which is located in the brush presets in Photoshop.

Inks Only

Here’s what the comic looks like inked, before color is added.

I start coloring the strip directly on the computer using my Wacom Intuos tablet. I find it easier and faster to use a tablet than coloring it with a mouse. The color is done in its own Photoshop layer behind the ink layer.  I do this so that the color won’t show on top of the inks.