Insane Forest officially launches today!  It’s hard to really know what it’s about from the first strip, but as you continue to read the series you’ll learn that Insane Forest features a mix of crazy animal characters who live a forest and can’t stand each other.  The humor is something that is a mix of Looney Tunes, Garbage Pail Kids, and Itchy and Scratchy (from the Simpsons).

Insane Forest is actually based on a series (of the same name) that I did when I was a teenager, but never published.  Readers who picked up a copy of I’ve Got a Frog Prince in my Throat (the latest Suburban Fairy Tales book), got a preview of the original Insane Forest series as a bonus feature.

Longtime readers of my online work might recognize Crunchy and Tweeter from my comic Crunchy,  and Ugly Duckling from my comic Suburban Fairy Tales as featured characters in Insane Forest.  Crunchy, Tweeter, and Ugly Duckling might share the same look and names as the characters from their former series, but Insane Forest is not a spin-off of either series and has no story connection to any of my past comics.  That means that the Crunchy, Tweeter, and Ugly Duckling that you see in Insane Forest might behave differently and have a different back story than the ones that have been established previously.  Just something to keep in mind.

Now I know you can’t judge a series on one comic strip alone, but as the days and weeks go by, I would love to hear your feedback on this new series.  Happy reading!