When I started Insane Forest I thought that Ugly Duckling would be the perfect character to bring over from my other series, Suburban Fairy Tales. Well, since I recently decided to work on both series simultaneously, Ugly Duckling will remain as a character exclusive to Suburban Fairy Tales — which means he’ll never show up in Insane Forest.

I’m not interested in doing any crossovers, and having the same character appear in two of my ongoing series will just get confusing. I will be removing Ugly Duckling from the cast picture on the top banner of this site in the coming weeks and replace him with another character who I plan on having join the cast instead.

Yes, that’s right, a new character will be joining the cast of Insane Forest!  I won’t reveal what animal it is yet, but he’ll be showing up in the cast photo soon.  Stay tuned for more info!